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If You're Interested In Finding Rocks For Landscaping, Here's A Quick Overview Of The Beautiful, All Natural, Unique Landscape Rock Products And Decorative Rock Materials We Offer.....

Produced Exclusively by  Blue Slate, Inc. In The Gorgeous Pacific Northwest!

Are you looking for the perfect quality landscape rock for building a flagstone patio or walkway?  Installing a gorgeous water feature such as a pond or stream?  Or building a dry-stack rock retaining wall with easy-to-use slate landscape rock?

If so, take a moment to watch the short video below to see a few examples of Blue Slate's all-natural landscape rock materals...

Eagle Mountain Slate Landscape Rock & WoodStone Decorative Rock
In the video, you'll see Eagle Mountain Slate landscape rock and WoodStone Decorative Rock as they were used in a variety of creative ways in a few of our finished landscape rock projects, including:

Beautiful Sparlling Water Features, Functional Dry-Stack Rock Retaining Walls, Gorgeous Sandset Flagstone Patios, Relaxing and Fun Firepits and More!
Landscaping Rock, Decorative Rock and Landscape Design Ideas
Eagle Mountain Slate Landscape Rock
Produced Exclusively By Blue Slate, Inc.

Eagle Mountain Slate ~ A Top Selling Beautiful And Unique Landscape Rock Produced In The Pacific Northwest!

Eagle Mountain Slate is a gorgeous premier natural slate landscape rock produced exclusively by Blue Slate, Inc. in the beautiful mountains of northeastern Washington State. 

The slate landscape rock products produced at Eagle Mtn Quarry include Flagstone, Stepping Stone (Patio), Building Stone, Eagle Mtn Slabs and Specialty Slate such as unique slate pieces used for fireplace mantels or ordered by specific dimensions for unique projects.
Landscaping Rock
Eagle Mountain Slate flagstone and stepping stone (patio) landscape rock products are very popular with masons, contractors and homeowners.  Landscapers and homeowners also love Eagle Mountain Slate building stone and Eagle Mtn slabs.

Eagle Mountain Slate is the perfect companion to our WoodStone Decorative Rock and the uses for both in the landscape are seemingly endless.
.....for your dream landscape!
Landscape Rock Applications
Eagle Mountain Slate Landscape Rock
Produced Exclusively By Blue Slate, Inc.

Landscaping Rock - Common Ways That Eagle Mountain Slate Landscape Rock Is Used In The Landscape
To Create Awesome Landscapes!

Eagle Mountain Slate is a beautiful and versatile landscaping rock that is commonly used to create numerous landscape features, outdoor rooms and functional areas in the landscape, including the following:
Water Features

Flagstone Ponds

Flagstone Streams

Slate Bubblers

Slate Outdoor Kitchens

Flagstone Barbecue Surrounds

Flagstone Firepits

Flagstone Patios

Flagstone Patio Seating

Flagstone Patio Planters

Flagstone Patio Walls

Flagstone Walkways

Flagstone Outdoor Steps

Slate Rock Dry-Stack Retaining Walls

Raised Flowerbed Borders

Flagstone Edged Landscape Borders

Slate Outdoor Fireplaces

Flagstone Veneering

And Much More!
Interior Stone Applications - Common Ways That Eagle
Mtn Slate Flagstone Is Used Indoors To Create
Truly Awesome Home Interiors!

Eagle Mountain Slate is also used indoors to create gorgeous interior spaces, as well.   Install Eagle Mountain Slate Rock in your home to enhance your interior decor in ways that you've only dreamed of!  

You can easily create amazing:
Flagstone Fireplaces

Flagstone Hearths

Flagstone Mantels 

Flagstone Fireplace Surrounds

Flagstone Kitchens Countertops

Flagstone Bathroom Countertops

Flagstone Shower Surrounds

Flagstone Bathtub Surrounds

Flagstone Dining Tabletops

Flagstone End Tabletops

Flagstone Slate Flooring

Flagstone Wainscotting

And Much More!

1” – 0” Standup Flagstone
1” – 1 1/2” Standup Flagstone
1 ½” – 2 ½” Standup Flagstone

Stepping Stone (Patio Stone)

¾” – 2” Stepping Stones
2” – 3” Stepping Stones
¾” – 0” Thinset

Building Stone

3” – 5” Building Stone
Oversized Building Stone

Eagle Mtn Slate Slabs

Various sized Eagle Mtn Slabs
Landscaping Rock Materials Available
Eagle Mountain Slate Landscape Rock
Produced Exclusively By Blue Slate, Inc.

Our Eagle Mountain Slate Landscape
Product Line Includes:
.....the things you can do with slate!
Landscape Rock Distributors
Inland Northwest and West Coast Customers

You can find Eagle Mountain Slate Landscape Rock in locations throughout the Inland Northwest and on the West Coast at several Quality Rock Disributor locations.

To find a Quality Rock Distributor near you who stocks Eagle Mountain Slate, please click here to visit our Landscaping Rock Distributors page.

Other Pacific Northwest Customers

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, but out of our local Inland Norhtwest distribution area, please click here to find out how you may still be able to purchase Eagle Mountain Slate, depending on where you live, from a local distributor who makes House Calls!  How cool is that?
Landscape Rock Testimonials
What Are Customers Saying About Eagle Mountain Slate Landscape Rock?
"Eagle Mountain Standup Flagstone... absolutely beautiful..."

Monte Tareski
Cascading Creations
Airway Heights, WA
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"Portland stonemason loves your stone..."

"I was wondering what to call it..... Igneousmetamorphicmudshaleslate."
"Pretty stuff, challenging with  fissures throughout, but unmatched in this
region for beauty.

I have used this product on a
few unique projects"

Matt Goddard
Eagle Mountain
Slate Slabs
And... Other
Learn to spot the KEY features &
characteristics of high quality
flagstone & slate landscape rock

Recognize the tell-tell signs of
poor quality stone... easily when
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Natural Slate Steps
**Eagle Mtn Slate Landscape Rock is packaged for shipping at Eagle Mtn Quarry on wooden pallets.
Each pallet of slate rock weighs approximately two (2) tons per pallet.
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